What Foods Act as Vaso-dilators, for Blood Pressure and Endurance Sports?

A short story about the power of Nitrates from plants.

Beet juice

Nitrates are found in plant foods like fruits and leafy green vegetables. Nitrates from plants convert to nitrites in your body. The nitrites get converted to nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide acts as a vaso-dilator, basically it opens/expands your blood vessels.

Animal products contain nitrites but instead of getting converted to nitrous oxide it gets converted into nitrosamines which are carcinogenic and have the opposite effect of nitrites from plants. Rhubarb

Nitrous oxide acts as a vaso-dilator which has the same same affect as nitroglycerin, prescribed in hospitals to lower blood pressure. 

Even with simply diet, a change in blood pressure can be observed in as little as two weeks!

Top Plant Foods by Ranking of Nitrates 

  1. Arugula
  2. Rhubarb
  3. Beet Root Juice

The rest of the top ten are leafy greens!

Thank You! arugula_leaves_570










3 Incredible Transformation Stories from a Plant Based Diet (& Lifestyle)

The following are three transformation stories that will blow your mind of how powerful a plant based diet is.

I hope you enjoyed last weeks post showing you 1 day of recipes eating a whole food plant based (WFPB) diet can look like for you. If you haven’t read it click here:

I do hope the following stories will inspire you to make positive changes, whether you consider yourself “healthy” or not. We certainly all have room to grow. I’m currently on my 3rd week of being off unhealthy processed vegan food.

I want to make one final note before I continue on the stories, and that is if you’re new a plant based diet and you’ve heard that other diets help you lose weight, that is true but most often at the cost of your overall health. And, in the scientific literature, low carb diets show weight loss because of sever calorie restriction.

In the following stories you’ll see that no is restricting.

1. Ashley Chong – Obese to Raw Fruits & Vegetables

Ashley Chong is quite an extraordinary story of transformation and one I like to use to highlight the power of raw plant foods.BeforeandAfter

Her story began when she wanted to fit into a dress for her sisters up-coming wedding. She initially sought medical advice from her doctor but didn’t like the advice to calorie restrict and take a popular weight loss drug called Phentermine.

She simply knew that this was the way she wanted to lose weight.

She instead started researching nutrition and other transformation stories.She was amazed and attracted to the amazing experiences people had gone through on raw plant foods. download

She went %100 raw vegan over night. Raw vegan basically means a diet consisting of solely raw fruits and vegetables.

She says it changed her life having lost 125lbs in less than a year!! Her husband, hesitant at first, dove in after 5 months and lost 85lbs!

Some other benefits she experienced was a new outlook on health because it turned from being a certain waist size to enjoying a whole new lifestyle while reaping the benefits of glowing skin (after just over 1 week), radiant consistent energy. download (1)

Her story has been shown in the media dozens of times including here on People Magazine.

She has now gone from 252lbs to 119lbs, losing over 130lbs off her 5’2″ frame.

Both note, that they achieved the weight loss without exercise







2. Lori and Ed Olson 

I want to bring your attention to this couple who together lost almost 300lbs, got off all their medications, and lost multiple symptoms, all is under 2 years.

Ed had experienced a number of health problems including chronic hip pain, snoring, and acid reflux. Him and his wife also experienced high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Ed decided that it was to make some healthy lifestyle changes. In 2010 he began eating more plant based, incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. His wife took notice f the positive changes and soon followed suit with her husband.

After 18 months Ed lost 140lbs, going from 315lbs to 175lbs. His wife also ost a great deal of weight, 150lbs, going from 298lbs to 148lbs.

In 2013, they cut out all animal products after simply craving it less and less. Ed had suffered from nasal allergies for as long as he could remember  but these decreased to minimal seasonal allergies after a short period after cutting out dairy.

After 3 days without diary, Eds wife got rid of all her digestive issues not needing to take any medications anymore.

Ed shares his story while working as a pharmacist when people ask his which medications work best. He then shares his story of what helped him, a high carbohydrate low fat vegan diet.


3. Alina Zavatsky

I like Alina story because I think it addresses a common assumption that exercise is more important than diet.

Well Alina moved to the US from Russia and like many couldn’t resist the amount of food and varieties of cuisine. North America is truly a temptation for trying food.

She thought she’d start running for health, acknowledging she fell into the trap that many fall into:

I exercise so I can eat whatever I want, right?

Alina started quite well and in a matter of a few years she ran seven half marathons, 1 full marathon, and few 5k &10k races.

This is quite a fantastic start that many don’t reach!

Unfortunately, she began realizing that she was in almost constant joint soreness. She was only in her 20s! But, she really wanted to continue her love of running so she began researching what other great endurance athletes were doing.

After reading and accepting that animal products can do quite some harm to the body in a number of ways.

But what about what others think and say

This is something Alina, like many are concerned about.

She continued to reads books such as Eat 7 Run by Scott Jurek and Finding Ultra by Rich Roll, but it wasn’t until she watched the Extended Interviews from the movie Forks Over Knives that she knew:

A plant based diet is the healthiest for us, and all my previous fears fell by the waist side.

Leaving her old habits behind were easy and the recipes on Pintrest made it easier.

She later went on to run her first plant powered marathon in 4:08 and now has also found her inner voice to inspire others with her story.



I found these stories quite amazing. They truly show the transformative power of a plant based diet on the on peoples’ lives.

I have a question for You!

Are there any topics you want me to right about? I am happy and willing to accept suggestions.

Once again, I am grateful for your time to read and willingness to listen to what I have to offer.

The Affects of Dietary Fat on Weight Gain (& what to do).

Welcome to another type of Blog Post where I answer a questions to help clear up misconceptions and make connections about diet and its affect on your health. 

This post is part of a sequel, so if you enjoy this then watch out for next weeks post where I show a 1 day Simple Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) Meal Plan. 

So the question is: 

The Affects of Dietary Saturated Fat on Weight Gain? 

I won’t be covering every reason but I will do my best to explain one reason simply. 

You see, the fat you eat is the fat you wear.Microsoft PowerPoint - Presentation1

That’s at least true when you eat too many totally calories and a lot of them are from fat, and especially true when you eat animals based fats such as saturated fat. There are other reasons that can influence this  such as environmental stresses. 

There is no type of fat that gets stored more efficiently in you body than saturated fat (found in animals and a couple plants) and trans fats (found primarily in processed foods & animals). 

Past the age of about 20 years your bodies number of fat cells stays relatively the same. What changes is the size of those fat cells. This of course is the indicator of whether someone is overweight or not.  When your overweight there is a process called the ‘spill-over effect’ which is the spilling of fat cells found in muscle tissue or organs back into the blood stream from where they came (due to a high fat meal). 

This remains a recurring cycle for how ever long you are overweight but decreases as you incorporate healthy lifestyle practices involving low fat dietary choices. 

What to do to help it?

Well I won’t recommend you do just one thing but mainly, if you’re overweight, greatly reduce your fat intake. And: 

  1. Eliminate fats in the form of oils, from sources of animals, and reduce total fat intake to a maximum of %10 – %15 of total daily calories. ataulfo-mango
  2. I would incorporate more carbohydrate rich foods. Healthy carbohydrate rich foods include, fruits, starches like Yams, and whole grain foods like millet or Quinoa. 
  3. Greatly reduce or eliminate processed foods. Processed foods are virtually void of healthful nutrients are made of processed sugar, & fat which is usually from oil and butter (mostly saturated fat).
  4. I recommend moving your body at least 150 minutes a week MINIMUM. Just 30 minutes a day! That could include walking, cycling, running, playing basketball etc. 

What’s so important about these recommendations? 

By greatly reducing total fat and processed food intake you will stop compounding what makes you overweight in the first place. 

  1. As you stop eating fat dense foods your blood stream will be better able to transfer the fat into the digestive tract to be disposed of naturally. 
  2. Carbohydrate rich whole plant foods contain fiber which assist in the disposal of fat from the digestive tract and give more consistent energy. Plus, they contain more healthful nutrients vital for a long healthy life.hqdefault
  3. When you exercise Nitric Oxide is released by the endothelium (lining of your blood vessels) which dilates the vessels, increasing blood flow, which more readily allows carbohydrates to be passed through by the insulin and insulin receptors on the outside your red blood cells, where the carbs are utilized. This helps keep blood sugar (glucose) levels low so you don’t experience a blood sugar spike.


Tips: Use Cronometer to calculate your daily nutrient intake and NutritionData.self.com to check nutritional food facts.

Thank You! 

Stay tuned next week for the next post of this 2 part series where I what a day of eating a low fat whole food plant based diet can look like for you! 

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