TOP 3 Inspiring Female Vegan Professional Athletes

It’s that time again! 

Time for 3 more inspiring stores of incredible woman in athletics and veganism. 

Lets get to them! 

1. Steph Davis, Pro Vegan Rock Climber

Steph is an incredible rock climber, base jumper, and vegan!

She has completed some of the most difficult climbs in North America. A climb called El Capitan in Yosemite National Park is a famous climb that she championed in 2003. This is a 900 meter vertical climb. She climbed in one day, only one other woman has done so ever! 28-e1384997529819-550x537

She went back and free climbed the route called Salanthe Wall. She was the first woman to ever free climb (no harness or ropes).

Among accomplishing a number of other difficult climbs around the world she went vegan in 2002 (except for organic milk in her coffee). But, she later gave that up in 2008 to which after she testifies she was feeling…

Stronger and healthier than ever before…. overall feeling more fit than ever.

She initially went vegan for the health benefits as she calls herself…

Endlessly interested in nutrition and performance effects.

Now though she says she’s conscious of animals and tries to cause as little harm as possible.

Note. She is on the cover photo of the Vancouver Plant Powered Athletics Facebook Page I creates. Check it out!

2. Christine Varderos, Cyclocross Pro & Vegan Advocate

A healthy vegan diet consisting of whole plant foods has profound benefitsA happy girl cropped head by Hesham Sweed for endurance athletes because of the low fat, high carbohydrate, nutrient dense qualities of whole plant foods and this is no exception for cyclist Christine Varderos.

Christine has been competing at the top levels of road and cyclocross racing at a national and international level since the early 2000s. She went completely vegan in 2000 and since has been making a statement for vegan athletes.

InstagramCapture_d9ea0a15-2df9-4e9e-ba03-70ed15cb0b29In 2004, as a member of the US national team, won Santa Cruz Classic Criterium. This was the first win since her broken leg plus it was her first criterium win ever. She has placed well in a number of other international races since. Recently, in 2014 she won her age group and finished third overall in the Paris to Ancaster race.

She is also quite the advocate for animals too. Alongside writing for cycling press she is a representative for In Defense of Animals.

“I am a professional athlete so I may prove by example that top sport can be successfully accomplished on a completely plant-based diet…. It is especially important to me that everyone knows eating vegan is simple and easy and requires only basic foods that can be found in any supermarket around the world. Go Vegan and No Body Gets Hurt!”

3. Catra Corbett, Ultra-Running Extraordinaire

This woman… just WOW! Catra Corbett

She has run over 250 ultra marathons! Talk about endurance! She has seriously has some big accomplishments that put to rest of whether any other endurance athlete can go vegan. 

In 2013 she place 1st overall, beating out all male and female competitors at the Razorback 100 miler. This was her 86th 100 mile race. 

She holds the womans record for the fastest time completing the John Mir Trail out-and-back. A total of  424 miles. She also has the second best womans time completing it one-way, 212 miles.

Her counted total record is 65, 914 miles as of the end of 2011, that being her biggest year with a total of 4, 154 miles.

A very important note is the hasn’t always been active, nor did she always eat extremely healthy. She actually come from a alcohol and substance abuse background. Perhaps this is why she is known to be the most colorful character in ultra running. 

She using her example to inspire others to believe they can achieve what they don’t think is possible. 

“I am not fast but love to run I love motivating others to attempt what they believe is impossible. I believe anything is possible as long as you want to do it. “

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