About My Blog & Social Platforms

Welcome to My Blog.


I’m glad you’ve come to here to read about my story and how I’ve gotten to this point.

First, I want to give you a description of my intentions for this new blog.

This self titled blog is an effort to bring you information on plant based nutrition as it relates to health, endurance sports, and more specifically, ultra running & ultra cycling. I want this Blog to be a spot light in the ever expanding online ether for science based nutrition information.

In my journey of reading, watching and taking notes I cultivate information for your benefit of learning along side me.


Some of my favorite sources of information are:

This is an organic flow of learning and teaching.

I am always open for suggestions and questions from You.

At the start, one new post will be on the blog every Monday!

YouTube Channel.

But if you want to hear more from me then you can head over to my YouTube channel for more. I post videos about:

  • My journey training for cycling across Canada to the Woodstock Fruit Festival in August 2016
  • Training for the 8 day 270 km Transalpine running race in Europe
  • Nutrition & Exercise
  • Inspired growth.

Facebook Page.

I have a Facebook page for those that want to stay more current with my daily updates.

I show my workouts, what I eat, plus here I organize events during the summer.

My posts here are only of the inspiring & educating type.

This is also a great place to contact me for questions.


I love photos and it’s just so easy to snap a photo! Inspiring others by showing them with a photo and a short description is probably the best way to get noticed and leave a positive impact.


Check out my photos on Instagram!

Thank You!

I appreciate your interest and I hope to inspire you. I have a personal about page if you’d like to read about how I got to this point.

Once again,

Thank you for your interest,

Carson McQuarrie


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