About Me

A Brief Personal History.

My name is Carson McQuarrie. I reside just outside Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.


I love learning about nutrition. I also call myself an ultra endurance athlete after completing my first ultra marathon (55km, 10,500ft asc. 8,500ft desc) and having completed the Whistler Gran Fondo and been on some long rides (my longest being 200km).


But this new found focus, is of course, new. And, there’s a few reasons that’s have brought me here that I wan’t to share with You.

I have always been close to nature growing up with my small family. I can recall some of the best memories being in the outdoors with family and friends. The nature has certainly nurtured my psychology of future decisions to pursue outdoor endurance sports.

Enduring is certainly also a trait of mine that a lot of athletes carry with them. I believe it develops for different reasons but for many it starts in their childhood and for myself growing up as the oldest of 2 boys in a single parent household has been a factor. This is probably most responsible for my “Type A” personality, a must of all competitive athletes.

Decisions in my later years of teens to pursue working in outdoor retail has open big doors of opportunity to enjoy activities of all sorts that involve the outdoors. It’s been over 2.5 years since I’ve been working at Mountain Equipment Co-op. It’s here where I’ve met a number of other great athletes and been inspired by their accomplishments.

In particular the influence of one co-worker Courtney Burt McQueen (co-creator of RunLikeAGirl.com) has ignited a passion for plant based nutrition and a ethical vegan lifestyle. She has also persuaded me to take up ultra running (though it didn’t take much). I’ve also been inspired by co-workers (and employee discounts) to take up cycling which has really grown me and now I cycle more than I run.

Lets Wrap This Up!

Its been 2.5 years since I’ve opted for a mostly whole foods vegan diet.

Every year now I’ll be competing at new races local and abroad in ultra running and cycling.

I’ll be bringing you science based information on a weekly basis from my Blog, YouTube and Facebook.

Thanks for reading.

I look forward to hearing from You.

Take Care,

Carson McQuarrie