Update: Cycling Across Canada

The time is near. I thought I’d update you all on how my training and planning is going for my trip of cycling across Canada on fruits.


I’m planning on leaving for this adventure on Monday July 18th. I’ve planned out all my days and currently planned to be cycling for 25 days with 1 rest day but the goal is to complete the cycle tour in under 30 days so I’ve got more rest days I can take.

I can even take up to 34 days because there’s still a gap between the planned finish of my tour and the start of the festival I’ll be cycling to, the Woodstock Fruit Festival. It August 21st – 28th.

The Itinerary

Day #1: M.E.C. Langley – Hope. 137km

Day #2: Hope – Merritt. 124km

Day #3: Merritt – Kelowna. 151km

Day #4: Kelowna – Sicamous. 127km

Day #5: Sicamous – Glacier National Park. 137km.

Day #6: Glacier National Park – Lake Louise. 164km.

Day #7: First Rest Day

Day #8: Lake Louise – Calgary. 188 km

Day #9: Calgary – Medicine Hat AB. 297 km

Day #10: Medicine Hat – Swift Current SK. 226 km.

Day #11: Swift Current – Regina SK. 240 km

Day #12: Regina – Whitewood SK. 185 km

Day #13: Whitewood – Brandon MB. 191 km

Day #14: Brandon – Winnipeg MB. 215 km

Day #15: Winnipeg – Kenora ON. 211 KM

Day #16: Kenora – Dryden ON. 145 km

Day #17: Dryden – Upsala ON. 211 km

Day #18: Upsala – Terrace Bay ON. 177 km

Day #19. Terrace Bay – White River ON. 167 km

Day #20: White River – Agawa ON. 175 km

Day #21: Agawa – Bruce Mines ON. 196 km

Day #22: Bruce Mines – Nairn Center ON. 195 km

Day #23: Nairn Center – North Bay ON. 182 km

Day #24: North Bay – Pembroke ON. 224 km

Day #25: Pembroke – Cornwall ON. 287 km

Day #26: Cornwall – Camp Walden Trout Lake NY. 252 km

I’ve pre-planned 1 rest day but I can take 5 more to reach Cornwall by the 30th day and even an additional 4 days rest encase things come up. I’ll try to just take 1 rest day a week if I’m feeling pretty. I’ve planned the destinations with cycling 8 – 10 hours a day on average in mind.

The elevation varies from city to city but generally there’s more in BC and Ontario. I’ve started the trip through BC with less distance to ease into it and work out any bugs and hopefully by the end I won’t have too much of an issue completing longer days. BC has the most elevation.

My Gear

I’ve got all my gear except for a couple small things like a 1 liter water bottle cage.

The list:

  1. Ridley Carbon Fenix Road Bike. Approx. 17.5 lbs
  2. ThermaRest X-therm sleeping mattress Regular.
  3. M.E.C. Merlin -3 800 Down Sleeping Bag
  4. Outdoor Research Molecule Bivy Sack.
  5. Arcteryx Pack lite WP Pants
  6. Outdoor Research Helium WP Jacket
  7. Mavic WP Shoe Covers
  8. Porcelain Rocket Top Tube Frame Bag, Medium
  9. Porcelain Rocket Seat Bag 12-17 liters, Large
  10. Galaxy S3 Phone
  11. Headphones
  12. Solar Panel, undecided
  13. 1 liter water bottle cage, undecided
  14. Mini Pump
  15. 3 Tubes.
  16. Maxis Refuse 700/25c Tires
  17. Sunglasses
  18. White Arm Sleeves for sun coverage
  19. Custom Jersey
  20. Mavic Aksium Shorts
  21. 1 liter water bottle
  22. 750 ml water bottle
  23.  M.E.C. thin white gloves
  24. 50ml bottle for suncreen
  25. Passport
  26. Mavic cycling shoes, new pair
  27. Stages Power Meter, 105 crank arm
  28. Garmin Edge 520 Bike Computer

I think that’s everything! I won’t be taking any clothes but will try to get some extra clothes ready for me when I get to the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

My Resources

  1. A charged phone at all times.
  2. Detailed trip itinerary emailed to me and downloaded to my phone.
  3. Camp sited phone numbers on hand.
  4. Air B&B bookmarked throughout the cities for quick contact.
  5. Two days worth of dates and bananas for food stored in my top tube frame bag.
  6. Water
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Increased phone data for the month of August.

My Final Training

There’s only about 3.5 weeks left of training. In the past few weeks I’ve been doing shorter rides of under 150 km and many workouts of high intensity efforts with intervals of 10 – 30 seconds, and even some 5 minute ones. Some workouts would consist of a 30 min warm-up and then 5 – 7 intervals separated by 5 minutes rest followed by a 20 minute cool down.

The next few weeks I’ll just be riding as many long days as the weather and work permit me. This means 150 – 200 km rides. I’d like to get in some 200+ km ultra long rides.

I’ll be trying to get out for some practice overnight trips to Hope, Manning Park, & Whistler. These will provide some good practice and a good bearing on what I do and don’t need. At this point, the less I need the better and any way I can realistically reduce my weight I will.

My Diet

The initial plan was to eat strictly fruits during the whole trip, and this is still the goal but I’ve found that if I don’t eat the right proportion and variety of fruits Dates give me a headache, but remember at times I’m not eating an amount that’s natural nor am I training an amount that’s natural. So when I eat 1-2 bags of Dates a day without much else other foods I get a headache, I’ve tested and it’s all part of the learning and personal experience.

What I’m getting at is the goal is to eat a balance of Bananas, Dates, juice, some avocados, but if I find myself where it’s very difficult to get a balance then I’ll probably eat a cooked high carbohydrate low fat, moderate sodium, low protein meal in the evening at a restaurant.

I of course will absolutely be cycling this route on a vegan diet. Some things may come up that will be out of my control but I will only eat foods that come from plant sources and don’t have a face or a mother.

How To Follow

I will be posting written and photo updates to Facebook and more photos on Instagram. I’ll try to make video uploads to YouTube depending on WiFi accessibility.

That’s Everything, I think.

I think that’s everything and if you have any questions make sure to write them below.

Thanks for reading.

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Carson McQuarrie


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