My Journey to a Vegan Diet (& Lifestyle) Part 1

Hi There,

I’m glad to share this story with you. As part of a series of 3 posts I want to share bits of my story in posts on my Pre-Transition, My Transition, and My Ideal Diet of the Future.

This first edition will be focusing on my Pre-Transition Diet.

Pre-Transition Diet

My diet the year prior is something that I don’t often think about but I can sure be reminded by my coworkers what I used to eat. I’m sure they’d say I’ve gone from one extreme to the other.

I remember just a couple months prior I was training to race my first triathlon. As most people think, I will admit that I thought my diet of mostly turkey burger patties was healthy. They were a good price so they must have been right?

Yes, that’s right! I would get turkey patties by the 12 pack from Coopers Foods.

I can’t even believe it!

I would eat toast with jam and peanut butter in the morning, turkey patties in the afternoon for lunch and for dinner was sometimes more turkey or whatever my mom made. At the time dinner could be ribs, soup, chicken, or again turkey burgers.

All meals were very animal based, unfortunately.  And I just didn’t know better or much at all about nutrition.

I did end up finishing that triathlon, thankfully. But I knew my diet needed changing because I was feeling tired all the time, fatigued, and borderline lethargic at times. I remember  thinking that I needed jam as opposed to jam or peanut better because if I didn’t have that little bit of sugar I was going to have trouble functioning at work.

I just didn’t have that mental alertness and overall life passion I have right now!


So I hope that was interesting. I’ll give a more detailed chronology of what my transition was like and what my diet is like now in those future posts, so keep your eyes out.

I wanted to share this with you in hopes that I may not forget where I came from and to confidently say that if I can make the change you can to!

Thanks for reading! Please share and subscribe!

Carson McQuarrie







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