How High is Too High of Blood Pressure (& Why)

Lets get back to the science!


We’re going to be covering the basics of health and one of the pillars is know about blood pressure.

This’ll be short, informing you what exactly is blood pressure and what to know about your own blood pressure number.

What is Blood Pressure?

There’s two numbers used to measure blood pressure, systolic & diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is the pressure created when your hear beats twice. Diastolic pressure is the pressure when your hearts rests between beats. The pressure during the two beats, systolic pressure, is the higher number. what-causes-high-blood-pressure-and-how-to-lower-blood-pressure-with-medical-home-remedies-5-638

What are healthy & unhealthy blood pressure numbers?

Healthy: Systolic: 120 or less; Diastolic: 80 or less

Normal: Systolic 120 – 129; Diastolic: 80 – 85

Pre-Hypretensive: Systolic: 130 – 139; Diastolic: 85 – 89

Hypertensive Stage 1: Systolic: 140 – 159; Diastolic: 90 – 99

Hypertensive Stage 2: Systolic: 160 – 179; Diastolic: 100 – 109

Hypertensive Stage 3: Systolic: 180 or higher; Diastolic: 110 or higher


What do the numbers mean?

Well the two heart beats that you can feel by touching your carotid arteries (the main arteries in your neck) indicate you systolic blood pressure. The number is higher because that’s when your heart is working to push the blood through all the blood vessels in your body.

The lower number, diastolic blood pressure, represents the lower number. The number is lower because this is the pressure of blood in your vessels when the heart is resting between beats.

What People don’t know about having High Blood Pressure.

Most people believe that having high blood pressure is bad because it does damages the blood vessels and and heart.

But, actually having high blood pressure is an indicator that your body is losing control at keeping you blood vessels healthy. It’s an indicator your blood vessel walls (arteries) are getting clogged and atherosclerosis (hear disease) is increasing. All these ladder of undesirable health problems are a result of eating too much fat and cholesterol.


Thank you for taking the time to read about what’s important to your health.

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Carson McQuarrie



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