The Affects of Dietary Fat on Weight Gain (& what to do).

Welcome to another type of Blog Post where I answer a questions to help clear up misconceptions and make connections about diet and its affect on your health. 

This post is part of a sequel, so if you enjoy this then watch out for next weeks post where I show a 1 day Simple Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) Meal Plan. 

So the question is: 

The Affects of Dietary Saturated Fat on Weight Gain? 

I won’t be covering every reason but I will do my best to explain one reason simply. 

You see, the fat you eat is the fat you wear.Microsoft PowerPoint - Presentation1

That’s at least true when you eat too many totally calories and a lot of them are from fat, and especially true when you eat animals based fats such as saturated fat. There are other reasons that can influence this  such as environmental stresses. 

There is no type of fat that gets stored more efficiently in you body than saturated fat (found in animals and a couple plants) and trans fats (found primarily in processed foods & animals). 

Past the age of about 20 years your bodies number of fat cells stays relatively the same. What changes is the size of those fat cells. This of course is the indicator of whether someone is overweight or not.  When your overweight there is a process called the ‘spill-over effect’ which is the spilling of fat cells found in muscle tissue or organs back into the blood stream from where they came (due to a high fat meal). 

This remains a recurring cycle for how ever long you are overweight but decreases as you incorporate healthy lifestyle practices involving low fat dietary choices. 

What to do to help it?

Well I won’t recommend you do just one thing but mainly, if you’re overweight, greatly reduce your fat intake. And: 

  1. Eliminate fats in the form of oils, from sources of animals, and reduce total fat intake to a maximum of %10 – %15 of total daily calories. ataulfo-mango
  2. I would incorporate more carbohydrate rich foods. Healthy carbohydrate rich foods include, fruits, starches like Yams, and whole grain foods like millet or Quinoa. 
  3. Greatly reduce or eliminate processed foods. Processed foods are virtually void of healthful nutrients are made of processed sugar, & fat which is usually from oil and butter (mostly saturated fat).
  4. I recommend moving your body at least 150 minutes a week MINIMUM. Just 30 minutes a day! That could include walking, cycling, running, playing basketball etc. 

What’s so important about these recommendations? 

By greatly reducing total fat and processed food intake you will stop compounding what makes you overweight in the first place. 

  1. As you stop eating fat dense foods your blood stream will be better able to transfer the fat into the digestive tract to be disposed of naturally. 
  2. Carbohydrate rich whole plant foods contain fiber which assist in the disposal of fat from the digestive tract and give more consistent energy. Plus, they contain more healthful nutrients vital for a long healthy life.hqdefault
  3. When you exercise Nitric Oxide is released by the endothelium (lining of your blood vessels) which dilates the vessels, increasing blood flow, which more readily allows carbohydrates to be passed through by the insulin and insulin receptors on the outside your red blood cells, where the carbs are utilized. This helps keep blood sugar (glucose) levels low so you don’t experience a blood sugar spike.


Tips: Use Cronometer to calculate your daily nutrient intake and to check nutritional food facts.

Thank You! 

Stay tuned next week for the next post of this 2 part series where I what a day of eating a low fat whole food plant based diet can look like for you!


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