3 Inspiring Female Vegan Pro Athletes

It isn’t very known that just like regular people living normal lives athletes can be vegan too. I’m not only talking about the person that runs the community 5k or 10k but also serious record breaking professional athletes. 

I’m going to show you some incredible stories of people that have transformed their lives to get what they want out of life. 

They’re 3 female athletes that stick out to me: 

1. Jannette Murray-Wakelin, Record Endurance Runner & Raw Vegan

Jannette is an amazing and accomplished woman. As a brief history before her running accomplishments she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer at the age of 52. She was given 6 months to live. 

Fortunately, she’s a believer in the power of intention and says, 

“However, the power of intention is far greater than that of fear, and I had every intention of staying around for a long time!”

She has been vegetarian for 25 years and vegan for the previous 15. Unfortunately, Jannette had experienced two toxic experiences in her life increasing her chances of cancer. One being a scaffolding accident where she got toxic anti-fouling paint on and in her, and two, she somehow got some exposure from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. She’s convinced this had a role in her cancer.book-runningOutOfTime-510x597

She responded to her cancer by working with a Naturopathic Doctor. Among other holistic therapies, she began a raw vegan diet. Within 6 months of her cancer diagnosis she was given a clean bill of health without any cancer cells in her body, among other obscure health benefits she describes. 

She has always been a runner but now completes extraordinary accomplishments as a raw vegan runner with her husband Allan. 

They are most known for their incredible feat of running 366 consecutive marathons (15,782km) around Australia for the whole year of 2013. It’s a published book called Running Out of Time. You can find it here: http://rawveganpath.com/product/running-out-of-time/ 

2. Samantha Shorkey, Bikini Pro Competitor & Outspoken Vegan 

A local living in Vancouver British Columbia, Samantha Shorkey is a vegan bikini competitor and an outspoken vegan.

Samantha_MG_1271cropped-258x300She’s been in writing and marketing for years which came to really benefit her career as she was competing and coaching (vegan only) clients.  Shecropped-fave-wnbf-pro-e1422069957301 used this skill to shine an even brighter spotlight on a couple of her big wins that have put her on the map as a notable bikini competitor.

The first to mention is her win in 2013 at an untested show where she placed first in the bikini tall division against other woman with omnivorous eating habits.

This was not a fluke. Afterwards, she won first overall in Texas at the 2014 INBF South Western Natural Championships. 

This made her the first ever vegan WNBF Bikini Pro! BOOM! 

3. Heather Mills, Vegan Entrepreneur & Gold Medal Skier

Heather has always been an entrepreneur to solve global issues such as raising funds to clear 20 million square meters of landmines and getting 400,000 amputees fitted with prosthesis. She has donated $1 million worth of plant based foods to underprivileged children in Bronx, New York. 

Her Olympic accolades came after she was involved in a car accident which left her to have some of her leg removed in 93. She healed her wound after attending Hippocrates Health Institute where they gave her a raw vegan diet to heal. Heather Mills_mini

During her healing process she was inspired to send 22,000 limbs to Croatian amputees. 

She says she appreciated the vegan diet during her healing process and has campaigned for a vegan diet on several occasions including playing an important role in banning the import of cat and dog fur from China to the EU. She also walks the walks when shes travelling, always taking responsibility for eating a plant based diet. 

In 2012 she took 4 golds while competing in the Adaptive Alpine Skiing National Championships World Cup. And, in 2015 she quickly continued to make statement by taking  five world records in snow sports. 

Heather was the first woman to ski 167km/hr with a prosthetic leg, matching the previous world record. 

Heather now runs a world wide fake animal product food company and is the owner of a growing number of UK vegan restaurants called V-Bites. 

“My plan is to improve the world with Veganism and that includes showing that healthy Vegans can be the best in sport. I plan to win a gold medal for downhill skiing in Alpine sports in Korea 2018 at the age of 50.”


I hope you’re inspired at least a little bit.

Great! My job is done for today! 

I will be showing more female and male pro vegan athletes in the future. All of which will be added to a new page on my blog to highlight them. 

To find more information about the athletes click the links below: 

http://rawveganpath.com/about-us/janettes-story/ http://www.heathermills.org/ http://www.jackedonthebeanstalk.com/veganbikinicompetitor/


My Overnight Cycle Tour to Chuckanut Washington

Hey Everyone, 

Some of you may have seen some photos of my first overnight cycle tour to Larabee Park a few weeks ago from my social media posts. I wanted to give you a more formal story of what that small adventure was like, an adventure used as training for the real deal of cycling across Canada on a  fruit based diet.

This will be fun! It’ll have photos, provide do’s and don’ts, and some extra tips on what else to do in the area.

My Gear Set-Up

The Route

So the week of this trip was a recovery week of training meaning I didn’t want to pick a place too far for my first overnight cycle tour. After contemplating a couple of options I decided to take a co-workers suggestion of Larrabee Park.

I started from where I work, M.E.C. Langley and the finish was Larrabee Park Campground. Google Maps said it was 68km but it turned out to be about 76km.

I won’t focus too much on directions from the Canadian side of the border.
To keep things familiar I’ll use some photos of directions from Google Maps. This is a photo of the Google Maps route.

Tip: I do recommend using Google Maps the find the route that matches the one I used. I would also zoom in and take screen shots that you can later refer to when you’re in the US so you don’t have to use your phones data. You may need to download an app to take screen shots.


Tip: Instead of taking your first left on the map to head towards Hannegan Road I recommend continuing about 10 – 15 minutes farther down the 539 and taking a left on Front Street because down Front Street there’s an open public washroom, great for cycles passing through. Yes, those are bike locks if your buddies aren’t willing to take turns 😉



Tip: Now, if you like fueling with fruit like me and you got all your stash confiscated from the border officials then you can pick some more up at the grocery store on your left hand side, about 5 min past Front street on the 539. You’ll just have to turn back and take a right on Front street.

The rest of the route is nice and like almost all the time I’m quite happy with the route Google Maps chooses.

The 539 is the fastest option but the taking Hannegan road is quite a bit nicer and not really out-of-the-way. It was still fairly busy when I went but it at least took me through some countryside.

When you get closer to crossing the I5 (the big orange line/road on the map) you’re right down on busy roads. Just follow the directions to Fairhaven (the small town before Larabbe Park.

When you get to Fairhaven you’ll get to State street which turns into 11th street. 11th street takes right through the town. This isn’t bad because you can see any restaurants you may want to visit that evening. 2016_3_8_7_58_40_905_pm.png11th street will turn into 12th street which will take you out of the town. Once you get out of Fairhaven you’ll take a left onto Chuckanut road which will take you all the way to the Campground. This road is a bit narrow and can be busy but there are laws against big trucks. Plus, I think you’ll enjoy the ocean side views.

Tip: If you need one more place to take a break from cycling then there’s Fairhaven Park just after you turn onto Chuckanut Drive. It’s quite nice and offers a good place to sit at pick nick tables.

After cycling along the rolling ocean side you’ll see the park campground on your right hand side. It should take 10 – 15 min from Fairhaven Park to arrive at. It’s got a big gate and you can’t miss it.

The Campground

You’ve Arrived!!

I found the campground at this time of the year to be quite nice. There were other campers there, mostly in RVs.

The campsite was a good size with a fire pit and pick nick tables. There’s enough space for a truck to drive in and park encase someone wants to meet you there instead of cycling with you.




Fairhaven Town & Amenities


Well as you will see from cycling through the town on 11th street there’s a lot of small shops and restaurants. On this adventure I had a family member meet me down there and later we went out for dinner. We stopped in at one place and asked if there were any vegan friendly places to eat at for dinner. There wasn’t much but one option cam up.

We had dinner at the Paper Sister, A Mexican-style restaurant. I thought the menu was a bit limited for being a Mexican-style restaurant because there weren’t as many simple bean and rice dishes. The service was ok, a couple of times I thought the waitress could be more pleasant.

We got one free bowl of chips and salsa.


I had an Enchilada. It was pretty good! But I wouldn’t absolutely rave about it.


We were happy with overall food but thought the service would’ve been better. It was still a good time out after a long 🙂


The second place we went was Town Cafe for breakfast. The staff was friendlier here but you could tell the waitress was a bit stressed when we were asking for vegan pancakes. Plane and simply, the cooks weren’t willing to accommodate a request for vegan pancakes even though they are so simple. I ended up getting a vegan burger which was really good!

(sorry no photo)

Interestingly, two of the waitresses had been vegan for a while, but weren’t anymore. One had a child and craved ice cream, the irony.

The Parks

After going to Town Cafe on Harris Ave you’ll be able to get the idea that there are spots to go for a walk all along the  town side. If you continue down Harris Ave there’s the Marine Park. This is a small spot with a green belt, washroom, pick nick tables, and a great view to relax by.

The End

I would like to thank you for reading.

I hope you enjoyed this read and motivated you to think about doing this trip yourself. I quite enjoyed it and will certainly do it again at some point.

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Thank You!

Is A Vegetarian Diet Adequate for Endurance Athletes?

Thanks for coming back!

Now here’s another post for your benefit.images

In this post I want to uncover a scientific article from the
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

I know what you’re thinking. I promise this won’t be complicated and you will understand it, with ease.

I’m going to go over my opinion then some key points.

My Thoughts and Review:

This is one of many scientific articles I will uncover and review for you simply in the future.

I wanted to start with this article because it covers (most) peoples skepticism of whether a vegetarian diet is healthy for athletes.  As an ultra endurance vegan athlete myself I enjoy settling this one by evidence and personal experience. I guess the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

I very much appreciated the points of this review article in the AJCN. I found the concerns and reasoning to be fair. The overall conclusion from the author David C Neiman was that a vegetarian diet is adequate for physical exercise although provides no advantage when carbohydrate intake is controlled for.

The author also notes that a vegetarian diet has the potential of sub-optimal nutrient intake if the diet is too restrictive. But, then also notes that

this concern exists for all athletes, vegetarian or nonvegetarian, who have poor dietary habits.

Like this concern and reasoning, they’re 2 other concerns that were raised in this article followed by fair reasoning.

I’d like to showcase those in the following points:

1. Is the Bio-availability of Zinc, Iron, and trace minerals adequate?

Well in the review, dietary fiber, phytic acid (found in grains), and tannic acid (found in teas) are recognized as reducing the bio-availability of some nutrients. Non-heme iron (found in plants) is also not absorbed as well as heme iron (found in animals).

After, the author states that fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C and citric acid which enhances nutrient bio-availability and states,

Most studies have failed to show that vegetarians have impaired trace element status. It appears that the bodies of vegetarians can adapt by increasing the absorption of trace elements.

2. Do vegetarians get enough protein?

This is pretty straight forward. David, the author states right from the start of the section of protein intake:

All essential and nonessential amino acids can be supplied by plant food sources alone as long as a variety of foods is consumed and energy intake is adequate to meet needs. The American Dietetic Association has advised that consciously combining various plant foods within a given meal is unnecessary.

It’s thought that vegetarian athletes don’t get enough protein but David reconciles by noting that although vegetarian athletes don’t get as much protein as non-vegetarians but vegetarians still

Meet or exceed dietary recommendations for protein.


Well that wasn’t so bad was it?

I’m glad you made it through that and took some valuable information away.

Those are the key point I’m highlighting about the review article by David C Neiman. There’s much more covered in the article so if you’d like to read it yourself then I will cite it below:


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I’d like to leave you with a quote of leadership:

Leaders aren’t the ones who tell others to do what is needed, leaders inspire others to make the change themselves by being the shining example.